Schneeeule Berlin – Otto – Holunderblütenweisse 2019


Elderflower Weisse

Ottois named after Otto Lilienthal. The aviation pioneer began his career and worked in and around Berlin. The beer is cold fermented with elderflower blossoms, so that the flavour of the beer is not only reached by the Schneeeule yeast cultures but also by wild yeasts on the flower pedals. The flowers are collected by hand on the Tegler Lake directly outside the brewery. This overall volume of this beer is 800l per year. With this beer you can taste the early summer.

25.4 FL OZ
alc: 3 % vol.
Look: Fresh, yellow
Aroma: Summer, fresh
Taste: Bitter, fresh and fruity
Bierstil: Berliner Weisse
Wort/Plato: 8 °
Schneeeule Berlin – Verzehrhinweis