Schneeeule Berlin – Hot Irmi – Berliner Weisse mit Ingwer und Habanero

Hot Irmi

Berliner Weisse with Ginger and Habaneros

Hot Irmi– a variant of Irmgard with Habaneros. The wort is flavoured with oranges, lemon and pomegranate. The beer is fermented in Berliner Weisse-style with live yeasts and lactic acid bacteria. Habaneros have been added to the fermentation to mimic a ginger spiciness. The Habanero has a distinctive taste, which makes it quite easy to smell and taste. The spiciness is similar to a strong tea with lots of ginger and lemon (but cold and with a slight alcohol content)

11.2 FL OZ
alc: 3 % vol.
Look: Fresh, yellow
Aroma: Summer, fresh
Taste: Bitter, fresh and fruity
Bierstil: Berliner Weisse
Wort/Plato: 8 °
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