Schneeeule Berlin – Irmgard – Ginger Ale nach Berliner Weisse Art


Berliner Weisse with Ginger

Irmgardis named after the writer Irmgard Keun, whose writings were banned at the time of the Third Reich, whereas the writer bravely protested. The wort is flavored with ginger, lemon, orange and pomegranate shells. The beer is fermented according to Berliner Weisse-style with live yeasts and lactic acid bacteria. The earthy Brettanomyces and ginger notes are emphasized here.

11.2 FL OZ
alc: 3 % vol.
Look: Fresh, yellow
Aroma: Summer
Taste: Bitter, fresh and fruity
Bierstil: Berliner Weisse
Wort/Plato: 8 °
Schneeeule Berlin – Verzehrhinweis