Schneeeule Berlin – Kennedy – Ick bin ein Berliner Weisse


Ich bin ein Berliner Weisse

“Ich bin einer Berliner!” – Kennedyonce announced to the world, so this American-style hopped Berliner Weisse was named after him. Its as well dry-hopped with German hops to support the fine flavors of the Berliner Weisse. Regularly changing hop varieties keep our Kennedy exciting. The recent Weisse is hopped with Monore and Callista, which emphasizes and complements the vinous fruity aromas of the beer. The Brettanomyces yeast changes the aroma of the hops and the beer during storage, which makes it exciting to taste the beer at any time. 

11.2 FL OZ
alc: 3 % vol.
Look: Fresh, yellow
Aroma: Summer, fresh
Taste: Bitter, fresh and fruity
Bierstil: Berliner Weisse
Wort/Plato: 8 °
Ingredients: Wheat, Malt, Yeast, Water, Brettanomyces, Saccharose, hops
Delicious with: Pizza, Bread, Fish
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